General info

Valoria aims to replicate retro-tibia experience with improved client interaction and extended, fast-paced content.


Min Max level Multiplier
1 8 8
9 20 4
21 70 3
71 100 2
101 145 1.9 - 1.1
146 999 1
Skills rate Magic / Regeneration Loot rate
2x 1x / 4x 1.5x

7.4 mechanics

  • You cannot walk over stacked parcels/furniture.
  • No "Use on" hotkeys.
  • No wands/rods in shops, you can only loot them,
    but except for addons and quests, they have no use.
  • No runes in shops
  • Manafluids are weak (35-85 mana) and expensive (100gp each).
  • UH traps.
  • Accurate old spell formulas, except for few balances.
  • You will receive exp after killing in PVP!
    Target that is higher level than you, and his level is in range
    that is 1/2 of your current level.
  • For example:
    • 50 level will receive exp for killing 74 level.
    • 85 level will not receive exp for killing 200 level.

Valoria exclusives

  • Daily Runes - free runes each day.
  • Daily Tasks that you can stack with Tasks from NPC's.
  • Summonable Bosses with epic loot.
  • Mythic Dungeons with endless difficulty.
  • Shared experience (5% voc bonus),
    enable/disable even in fight.
  • Task Kills are distributed among Party members
    (if shared experience is active)
  • Lowered offensive spell cooldown
    to allow more dynamic gameplay
  • You can buy backpack of supplies
    • Any item if you use trade keyword
    • Or using oldschool tradeing with buy bp blank
      Awailable types: blank/mf/lf
  • Valoria map is based on 7.7 retro tibia map,
    enhanced with custom content and areas from newer versions.
  • Almost whole map is visible on web,
    you can search for NPC's or monsters.
    ... but some parts are changed and for you to re-explore.
  • Knights and Paladins autoattack are using modern tibia formulaes.
  • 3 frags to redskull, 7 frags till black skull. 24 hour per frag.
    You will lose RS/BS when all the frags are gone.
  • No frags for killing lower levels.
    If your target is half of your level, then it gets teleported
    to his home temple, unless its skulled.
  • Server save is at 6:00AM CEST.
    The downtime might go up to 10 minutes.
  • Client-side tools:
    • Hunting Analyzer - Calculate your profits.
    • Impact Tracker - see who's DPS is worth your time.
    • Rarity color in Loot Channel
    • Refurbished Spellbook - buy it at your local magic shop.
    • Task Tracker
    • Android client with QoL improvements
    • and other tools rapidly developed by staff.
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