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Server info

  • No-yalahar RL-map, slightly adjusted to balance the content.
    For example, Buddel is moved here,
  • You will receive exp after killing a player
    that is higher level than you, and his level is in range
    that is 1/2 of your current level.
    For example - 50 can kill 74 and receive exp.
  • You can buy backpack of mana/blanks,
    eg. ask to "buy bp mf" in magic shop.
  • You can stay online on up to 3 characters from the same IP.
  • 7.4 mechanics, UH traps, you cannot walk through parcels
    unless you are on the same height.
  • No runes in shops! Use Android client to make them.
  • No wands/rods in shops, you can only loot them,
    but except for addons and quests, they have no use.
  • No PZ on carpets and boats, no PZ on Blessers.
  • 3 frags to redskull, 6 frags till black skull. 16 hour per frag.
    You will lose RS when all the frags are gone.
  • Server save is at 6:00AM CEST.
    The downtime might go up to 10 minutes.
Servers Status
Server Save: 6 AM CET