• 1. Forbidden on public channels:
    Offensive, sexually-related statements
    Encouraging rules violation
    Advertising third parties
    Advertising outside-game trades.
  • 2. No cheating allowed.
    Modyfing Valoria client
    using unofficial software to play
    using any kind of automation
    using multiple clients to play

    Every player is allowed to have
    ONE character online.
  • 3. Bug handling
    Players are obligated to report
    and not abuse any bugs.
    Abuse of game weaknesses
    will be taken as offence.
  • 4. Refunds
    All consumed donations
    are non-refundable.

    If you want to receive a refund:
    Contact staff on Discord prior
    to points consumption.

  • Violation of any may lead to termination of your account.