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Updated on 15.07.2021
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Updated on 24.05.2021
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12 July 2021 (05:54) by GOD Kyra

Mudan├žas em Calva e Calvera - TibiaBR

New arena is there!
After your client updates, you will find a "PVP" button near your inventory.
Clicking it (if out of a fight and in PZ) will allow you to instantly teleport to the arena, in which your level, skills, and vocation will be adjusted.

On the arena:
 - Every player is on the same level
 - Runes, potions, and ammunition is infinite
 - There is no death penalty
 - EQ bonuses (armor, extra speed, or stats) still apply
 - Auto-attack (except for Burst Arrows) are disabled

Impact Tracker changes
It will display participants' outfits now!

There are spell changes too,
Offensive and support spell cooldown is now reduced  to 1.5 sec 

The client received few optimizations,
if your performance is not smooth (below stable 60 FPS)
 make sure to enable Low performance mode in Graphics

Can't wait to hear your feedback!

10 July 2021 (22:20) by GOD Kyra

Merge is coming! 

Tomorrow Kyra is going to get merged into Endless!
There will be a small downtime around 15:00 CEST.
- You don't have to pack yourself, everything will be transferred automatically to your home depots.
- Endless rates has been readjusted.

We are also going to enhance our new PVP arena, in short - our PVP-WAR server is going to be accessible with your regular characters, from anywhere on the map.

Stay tuned for more updates!

09 July 2021 (05:01) by GOD Kyra

For those that asked for the possibility to disable walk on right-click - it's possible now with !rightclick command.


07 July 2021 (19:21) by GOD Kyra

The latest changelog is here.

- Few tweaks to the DPS counter, 
bars will adapt their width to top session DPS now.

- Whacking Driller of Fate and Black Skull Remover has been removed from the Premium Store.
The Driller is still obtainable in-game.

- Issue with rubberbanding has been addressed, walking should be way smoother now, especially if your connection is weak.

- New quivers are now obtainable from monsters,
the old one received a new sprite too

- To tune down paladins early game,
 using various ammunition will require level

Stay tuned for more changes soon!

23 June 2021 (03:07) by GOD Kyra

Due to the fact that knight was the least popular vocation, we introduced following changes, that aims to improve endgame knight playability:

-  Knight's melee damage decrease reverted 
(now matches modern tibia formula)

- Exori has a constant cost of 170 mana now

- Exori min cost lowered to 90 mana

- Exeta Res Ina cost lowered to 10 mana

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