Dungeons are areas, that generates a new copy
of the location for each group.
Monsters that you face there are harder than usual!
At the end of every dungeon there is a boss
with epic loot.

After killing it in time, you receive a dungeon keystone which will allow you to enter the dungeon on higher difficulty level.

  • You have 30 minutes to kill all monsters and loot the boss.
  • If you will succeed, your keystone will upgrade.
  • If you will fail, your keystone will downgrade.
  • Each difficulty level increases EXP, HP, and DPS
    of all dungeon monsters by 20%
  • Each difficulty generates 100% more loot from the boss.
  • There are various traps and additional mechanics, so stay focused
    because if you die during the dungeon, you die for real!
  • There may be multiple groups completing the same dungeon type,
    at the same moment - no queues!
  • Dungeons are scattered around the map, you'll have to find them.