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Download Valoria Launcher (recomended) Download Valoria Launcher for DirectX (older PC's)
Connection timed out? 10060? 10061?
Run the application with admin privilages!
also, make sure that Windows Defender is not blocking it!
Client not starting? Missing dlls?
Download and install this.
Having issues with updater?
You can download current client from here (OGL)
or here (DX).


Download Valoria 3.2.3 from MEGA Download Valoria 3.2.3 from our server
Kudos to Edubart and Kondra for great clients and loads of work they did to develop them.

Tips for mobile users:

  • You can bind volume up/volume down keys as hotkeys.
  • Turn on your action bars in Options > Interface,
    Drag an item, set a hotkey and then just click to use.
  • Set "hi", "trade", "yes", on action bar for quick acces.
  • Double click on Use in left panel to use on item in front of you.
  • Double click on Attack/Follow in left panel to mark
    first creature from battle list.
  • Double click on Look in left panel to look on first creature
    in battle list.
  • Hold your finger for 0.5s to do right click.
  • Back navigation button works as escape, you can use it
    to close windows.

Tips for desktop users:

  • Press CTRL+R ingame to report your observations,
    choose either Facebook or Discord
    this is our prefered way of reporting!
  • If you are on newer PC, use OpenGL client - valoria_gl.exe
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+M to see your map on your whole screen.
  • You can enable new health/mana arcs, in Options>Interface,
    tick "Show health and mana circle"
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