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Daily Boss

After finishing your Daily Task, you will receive a Boss Token
which will allow you to fight a boss that yelds interesting loot,
and will grant you an acces to Daily Boss Reward,
althought the boss itself might be little challenging to kill

This is why you will need a group of players to summon it
You can claim your Daily Boss Reward at every temple
after killing the boss.

  • Each player has to have his own boss token to summon it
  • Each party member have to deal damage to the boss.
  • After killing first boss, you will receive a daily boss reward
  • There is 20 hour cooldown to receive extra reward from boss kill.
  • However, you can kill multiple bosses the same day,
    one of each type once per 20 hour.

Sprite Boss Players Level Location
img Arkai 4 35+
img Dummy Knight 5 60+
img Awaken Mage 4 70+
img Zzzrak 2 90+
img Granak 6 100+

Daily Task

You can find Katser, he will tell you which monsters to kill!
You can choose the amount of kills - between 50 and 1000.
and the exp rewards will scale.
You will receive Daily Boss token and a reroll for finishing it in time!

  • You can ask for a daily task once per 20 hours
  • You can choose various task difficulties.
  • You can reroll it and draw a different one.
  • You will receive a reroll and boss tokens for timed finish.
  • If you will be late, you will only recive experience.

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