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Custom Quests

There are several custom missions on the server - with great rewards waiting for those that are going to face the challenges and find clues around the map.


Explore the map and gain exp.
Each new discovery will yeld more experience!

  • Each new explored place will yeld 1500 experience, starting from 1500.
    First discovery will yeld 1500, second will yeld 3000 experience - and so on.

Elane Stash

Elane will sell you various types of ammunition,
but only if she knows you can handle it.
She will consider trading with you only if you have certain addon unlocked.

  • Ability to buy sniper and onyx arrows, piercing and power bolts.

Mad Mage Path

Kill an ancient mage and absorb some of his spirit.

  • Challenge Target for Knight
  • Avalanche Rune - weaker gfb, slows monsters movement for Druid.
  • Thunderstorm Rune - average gfb damage, crits on monsters for Sorcerer
  • Holy Fire for Paladin.
Servers Status
Server Save: 6 AM CET