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Custom Quests

There are multiple custom twists on the server, a few smaller quests, but also a new, rewarding story is hidden between the lines, that you'll have to explore for yourself.
We spoiled few of those to ease the newcomers pain.

Soloable DDQ

Each profession needs the same exact item used in normal desert quest. After getting that item, you have to get ahold of 4023 key, that you will use to open the teleporter room. You can achieve this by convincing Adrenius that you know the content of books that are scattered around desert, however, you can just look up the spoiler online

After that, just follow the casual way, that you would follow to get to the
desert's underground. (green spot on the map)
Then, follow the map and use ladder near the red spot.
You will find yourself in a chamber, in which if you follow to left, you will find teleports and closed doors. Use your key and enter.
Each teleport is for each profession.
Order from the top as follows: paladin, druid, sorcerer and knight.
Make sure you have your item, and you are entering correct tp.

Elane Stash

Elane will sell you newer types of ammunition,
but only if you are well equipped.
She will consider selling them to you only if you have hunter gloves addon.
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