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Valoria Morgana starts in: XX XX
04 April 2021 (13:00) by GOD

Im very proud to announce our newest server, Morgana.
It will start on 16.04 18:00 CEST

As always, first 300 characters created will be rewarded with free points! 
So be quick to create it! 

If you will manage to log in between 18:00 and 19:00 you will also receive 7 premium days! 

- Long-term project, all progress is stored and saved - we dont wipe servers.
- Daily challenges (free daily runes, choose-amount kill tasks, new bosses and more)
- New exploration quests and tasks
- Frequent, unique raids and ambushes
- Cams (with mouse!) that will let you share your best actions with friends
- Hunting analyzer to calculate your profits, task tracker to follow your task progress, coloured loot text, to make sure that no rare item is missed 
- Dedicated hosting in France, on stable, battle tested engine
- Windows and Android smooth clients
- Experienced staff ready to help you with any issue

Rates as follows:
1 - 8  = 6x
9 - 20 = 4x
21 - 70 = 3x
71 - 140 = 2x
141 - 999 = 1x

Skills rate = x2
Magic rate = x1
Loot rate = x1

18 March 2021 (16:56) by GOD

From now on, players will be able to create soulbound (usable only by a character that created it) runes each day.
Every 24 hours your pool of that resource will be replenished,  and 
you will be able to use it to create soulbound runes.
The conjuring of those will be free from normal manacost,
but it will spend daily mana.

The size of the daily mana pool will depend on how often do you log in to the game, and your level. 
Daily mana will be also spendable through Katser NPC, so each vocation will be able to claim, for example, UH's, if they will need them.

To enable soulbound rune creation type !soulbound. 
You can enable and disable it anytime you like.

Hope you will enjoy it, I am always up to hear your feedback so feel free to post your thoughts about the changes!

PS: To compensate for today's extended server save, everyone received a day of the premium account

15 March 2021 (14:55) by GOD

Due to various abuse potentials, we've reworked Daily Tasks - from now on experience rewards will scale with your current stage, and the maximum amount of monsters you can pick up is 1000. 
All current daily tasks have been canceled, visit Katser to receive compensations!

14 March 2021 (15:21) by GOD

We've added Character Auctions functionality, from now on you can legally trade your characters for points. 
All you have to is log onto your account and put your character on an auction, you can access the page through Shop or My Account.

12 March 2021 (12:55) by GOD

World merge is comming!
Pure is going to get merged into Endless.
Make sure to pack your house items, if they are many, because you can fit only 10000 item stacks in your depot!

The merge is going to take place on Sunday (14.03), around 12:00 CET.

Servers Status
Server Save: 6 AM CET