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Updated on 24.05.2021
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Updated on 24.05.2021
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08 June 2021 (18:10) by GOD

With today's update, we addressed a few of the issues that bothered you.

- Intense Healing and Light Magic Missile formulas are now corrected
- You won't be able to accidentally destroy the dummy with spears
- Distance weapons hitchance is properly calculated based on the distance from the target
- Fire Wave cost has been reverted to 80

Thank you for your trust and your feedback!
It's always welcome!

26 May 2021 (18:10) by GOD

We are very proud to announce our newest server - Kyra
 will launch on 
04.06.2021 18:00 CET.

If you log in between 18:00 and 19:00 CET on the launch day - you will receive 3 premium days - make sure to be there!

25 May 2021 (04:26) by GOD

Here is a list of recent changes!

- PVP Arena will be accessible from the game world - your supplies are not going to end there, and you will be rewarded for kills with exp!

- Players will be able to regenerate (mana and health) while in house - you can be completely safe while making runes.
- Daily mana pool has been extended, you will receive more mana each day! 

Monster changes:
- Bog Raider is no longer immune to fire
- Grim Reaper wave and melee is significantly stronger
- Ancient Scarab's scarab coin loot chance increased
- Scarabs will drop scarab coins again

Spell changes:
- Thunderstorms are usable by all vocations now

- Inquisition quest will no longer require prequests, from now on the only requirement is one POI seal touched.
- DHQ Steel boots and demon shield have become a daily spawn.
- Multiple other quests received changes along with reward balancing

I am always up to hear your feedback so feel free to post your thoughts!

17 May 2021 (00:57) by GOD

Merge is coming! On 21.05 Morgana is going to get merged into Endless!
We are also going to introduce new PVP arena and further regeneration changes - all this to make runemaking easier and more appealing.
Stay tuned for more info!

18 March 2021 (16:56) by GOD

From now on, players will be able to create soulbound (usable only by a character that created it) runes each day.
Every 24 hours your pool of that resource will be replenished,  and 
you will be able to use it to create soulbound runes.
The conjuring of those will be free from normal manacost,
but it will spend daily mana.

The size of the daily mana pool will depend on how often do you log in to the game, and your level. 
Daily mana will be also spendable through Katser NPC, so each vocation will be able to claim, for example, UH's, if they will need them.

To enable soulbound rune creation type !soulbound. 
You can enable and disable it anytime you like.

Also, all spells are buyable now and have to be bought (even on Endless).

Hope you will enjoy it, I am always up to hear your feedback so feel free to post your thoughts about the changes!

PS: To compensate for today's extended server save, everyone received a day of the premium account

Servers Status
Server Save: 6 AM CET